Well Testing and Evaluation

Well testing program generally consists of several tests conducted either at the surface or directly at the sub-surface. This program is aim to develop models of the wells that can then be used to construct conceptual and numerical models of the reservoir.

Well testing and evaluation is a very important activity to obtain data or information about well characteristics, production potential, and reservoir properties. Several stages of well testing and evaluation, including:

  • Completion test

This measurement is aimed to determine the depth of the production and feedzones and its productivity

  • Heating Up test

The heating measurements consist of temperature-pressure profiles made at expanding time intervals after stopping injection

  • Production test

Production test (discharge/output test) is aimed to determine:

  1. Fluid properties in reservoir
  2. Total mass flowrate and enthalpy from various wellhead pressure
  3. Steam fraction
  • Interference test

One of pressure transient test that commonly used to determine the relationship between wells so that it can give an estimation of its permeability

Well Testing Equipment

Lip Pressure Well Testing

Injection Test