Posted by: newquest Post Date: 14 February 2020

PT NewQuest Geotechnology held a sharing session with Dr. Agustya Adi Martha about ANT (Ambient Noise Tomography) and its application in geothermal exploration. ANT is a geophysical method that is often used to estimate subsurface seismic velocity structure. Although it is not as well known as other geophysical methods that are often used in geothermal exploration, the ANT has been applied for several fields. For example on WKP Lumut Balai, South Sumatra.

When we have multiple stations in an area, we can cross-correlate them to one another, resulting in an impulse wave. This impulse wave is called the Green’s function. With multiple Green’s function covering a certain area, we can obtain a tomography to generate a subsurface image,” Dr. Agustya explained on Thursday (02/13) at the office of PT NewQuest Geotechnology.


Dr. Agustya is a researcher at the Research and Development Center (Puslitbang), Meteorological Climatological and Geophysical Agency (BMKG). He does research in Volcanology, Geodesy and Surveying and Geology. He is very experienced in the ANT method in many area in Indonesia, such as Java Island, Sunda Arc, Sulawesi, etc. The reason why ANT was chosen because it was cheap and environmentally friendly. The data acquisition process was quite short. When we acquire ANT data, we will also obtain other data such as MEQ, SPAC, etc.Dr. Agustya hopes there will be more research and application of ANT in geothermal exploration. In addition, there is much open-source software available for processing ANT data. A possible research collaboration is to create a GUI for MEQ software.

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