Reservoir Monitoring

During the exploration phase, reservoir is in dynamic condition. Many changes happened during the production process and fluid reinjection are being conducted. Many possibilities could be happen, i.e. production decline, scalling problem, overheated steam, which is caused by many factors. Therefore, the monitoring program is urgently needed to observe the changes of reservoir. So that, the stability of production could be controlled. Newquest Geotechnology provides several proper and proven technologies to monitor the dynamic changes and the recent reservoir conditions, such as :

  1. Microgravity Technology

Mass extraction in large enough quantities during the production process can lead to changes the mass balance in the subsurface. These changes can be detected using Microgravity methods conducted periodically at the same location.

  1. Microearthquakes Technology

The fluid which is injected back into the subsurface is expected to maintain sustainability, sometimes flowing away from the reservoir. Microearthquake survey can be conducted to monitor the direction of the injected fluid.

  1. Fluid Chemistry & Isotope Analysis

Information about the changes that occur in the reservoir during the production process could be discovered by analyzing the chemical content obtained from wells or from the manifestation on the surface.

  1. Tracer Test

Tracers are used in geothermal reservoir engineering to determine the connectivity between injection and production wells. This information would be useful for the reservoir engineer to build reservoir models and give recommendation of program associated with reservoir management