Professional Training Course

As one of the companies engaged in the Geothermal industry. PT NewQuest Technology wants to educate to geothermal stakeholders in various disciplines in the development of geothermal energy in Indonesia. Concerning about the development of geothermal technology in Indonesia, PT NewQuest Technology presents a professional training course that will be performed by Indonesian experts who have many outstanding experiences of geothermal experts in many fields in Indonesia for tens years. By this training, participants are expected to advance their ability and knowledge about geothermal technology. Several topics of professional training course provided by PT NewQuest Technology :

Geothermal system & Exploration Technology

 The understanding of the geothermal system becomes important in order to determine the proper technique to manage the geothermal resource. The exploration technology also has each important role. Some methods can be powerfull for gethermal exploration :

  • Geological Survey Survey for Geothermal Exploration
  • Geochmeical Survey for Geothermal Exploration
  • MT and TDEM Survey for Geothermal Exploration
  • Gravity Survey for Geothermal Exploration
  • Magnetic Survey for Geothermal Exploration
  • Microearthquake Survey for Geothermal Exploration
  • Ambient Noise Tomography Survey for Geothermal Exploration

Geological survey has it role to define the type, location, and nature of geological structure so it will lead to conclusion of which geological unit that host geothermal reservoir and which area is the most permeable. Volcano stratigraphy study can give a hint of what lithology might be exposed during drilling. Geochemical survey has it role to estimate the temperature on the reservoir, flow path of the geothermal fluid including upflow and outflow, and the possibility of scaling, corrosion, and non-condensable gas problem during production. Geophysical survey using MT method, mostly combined with TDEM method, is the most reliable method to delineate the geometry, as well as the boundary, of the reservoir. Gravity method can be used to complement MT method as this method can determine the main structure that host geothermal reservoir and delineate the densification area. Mangetic method can be used for delineating demagnetized rock. Micro-Earthquake (MEQ) and ambient noise tomography (ANT) also can complement the conclusion since it has the ability to map the permeable zone in the reservoir. All of those exploration results are then evaluated to determine the most promising area which has the highest enthalpy and permeability to be drilled. Therefore, the people who work in geothermal industry must understand the basic of the exploration technology in order to increase the drilling success ratio so that the company can save the ‘millions dollars decision’.

This training course will provide comprehensive knowledge about geothermal exploration technology and its powerfulness in exploring geothermal resources. The discussion will be about the fundamental concept, data acquisition, processing, modeling and interpretation. Emphasis will be put on how to properly apply the method in geothermal exploration in order to obtain the less-ambiguous subsurface condition.

Geothermal Drilling, Resource Assessment & Prospect Evaluation

Locating the drilling point is not enough to guarantee the successful of drilling. There are many problems that can occur during drilling geothermal wellbore. Geothermal reservoir is hosted in low-strength permeable rocks that will cause lost circulation, wellbore instability, and difficulty on doing cement job. Unfortunately, the existence of low-strength permeable rocks can occur several times in geothermal field, so that lost circulation can happen more than once. Occasionally, the cutting can also stuck on the pipe causing the mud flow clogged. There is also the possibility of wellbore diameter reduction caused by the existence of clay. The accumulation of problems mentioned above have made the geothermal drilling cost is way more expensive than oil and gas drilling. Moreover, the cost might be multiplied due to the miscalculation of drilling management.  Therefore, knowledge regarding drilling prognosis has to be understood by people who work in geothermal industry in order to save the ‘millions dollars execution’.

The important thing before drilling process is how to ensure that the geothermal area promissing to be developed.  This training course will provide comprehensive knowledge about assessment of geothermal resources based on geoscientific (geology, geochemistry, and geophysics) data, construction of geothermal conceptual model, delineation of prospect area and potential assessment for electricity generation.

Geothermal Monitoring and development

Sustainability of geothermal powerplant depend on maintaining the reservoir thorugh reinjection process. Several method that can be used to monitoring such as tracer technology, Microgravity, and microgravity. Each method give a specific explanation that can support to other method. This training course will provide comprehensive knowledge about monitoring technology) method, including fundamental concept, data acquisition, processing, modeling and interpretation. Emphasis will be put on proper  method for geothermal monitoring. This method derrive a strategy for geothermal deveplomen such reinjection technology and also decission strategy for development drilling.

Geotechnical & Power Plant Development

This training course will provide comprehensive knowledge about geotechnical analysis of power plant structure foundation, design of power plant facility, and power plant engineering system.

Geothermal Regulation and Tender Preparation

Indonesia have a regulation for tender process in geothermal energy. This training course will provide comprehensive knowledge about the regulation that rule the geothermal development.  Some topics will be disscussed in this training those are:  steps and procedures for geothermal working area tender, criteria of bidding participants, criteria for determining the winners of successful tenders, and detailed procedures for issuance of Geothermal Licenses (Izin Panas Bumi/IPB).

Special Topic (On Request by Client)

We also provide in house training to client who concern at special topics in geothermal exploration until geothermal development. This training course will be provided based on client request on any geothermal aspects.