Geophysical Survey

Geophysical Survey survey in geothermal exploration is very important. The geothermal system existence indicated by surface manifestation found from the geological and geochemistry datacal evidences can be confirmed to by imaging the subsurface condition by analyzingthrough several physical parameters, such as: resistivity, density, magnetic susceptibility and microearthquake event from the geophysical data.

The subsurface resistivity of subsurface data distribution gives could characterize information about the geothermal system components that assemble the geothermal system, such as: conductive clay cap, possible reservoir and heat source, reservoir and clay cap, alsoas well as the fault indication. The density of subsurface rock acquired from gravity data gives the information ofcould be enhanced to investigate the possible intrusion existence and regional geological structure. Meanwhile, The the magnetic susceptibility of subsurface rock acquired from magnetic data survey gives could support the information of alteration altered rock caused by demagnetization of rockprocess. Furthermore, Microearthquake activity that occurred in the a geothermal area of geothermal could provide relevant information indication on regarding the geological structure of the subsurface and also permeable zone.

NewQuest Geotechnology has dedicated specialists with years of experience for geophysical survey, start from survei design, data acquisition, data processing, data inversion/modeling and data interpretation, provides geophysical surveyi services, such as:

  1. Magnetotelluric / TDEM Survey
  2. Gravity Survey
  3. Magnetic Survey
  4. Microearthquake Survey

Geophysical data evaluation which includes reprocessing, quality control and remodeling can also be done to improve data quality. Good quality data will produce a confidence conceptual model. Which is expected to provide conclusive results.

Magnetic Survey

Gravity Survey

Magnetotelluric Survey

TDEM Survey

MEQ survey


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