Engineering Design

Deciding on the appropriate engineering design to utilize a resource to generate electricity requires the work of a team incorporating geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, and engineers. Selecting proper technology applied for certain reservoir and environmental condition as well as resource development strategy become one of the most important recommendation to be provided. Our engineers, consist of electrical, civil and mechanical engineer, are ready to support for providing several services of the following designs:

  • Power station

Power station houses the machinary components to generate electricity. Details of turbines, condensers and ancillary equipment for geothermal steam power stations are provided.

  • Steamfield

The steamfield facilitates to deliver the two-phase discharge from production wells to separators, then continued to piped to the power station and separated water to the injection wells. Level of attention paid to thermodynamic efficiency, since the pipes may be several kilometres long. Thermal insulation and minimizing pressure drop in the pipelines are the primary concern in steamfield design.

  • Infrastructure

Some related components associated with civil works are also covered.