Drilling Consultancy

The drilling campaign is the biggest financing risk activity in developing geothermal fields. Accuracy in determining drilling targets, selecting wellpads and infrastructure, preparing well basic designs, drilling programs and budgets, planning tenders and contracts, and managing drilling organizations are important factors in reducing these risks.

NewQuest Geotechnology has experts from various fields of geosciences and drilling. Therefore, we can work in an integrated manner to provide comprehensive planning and recommendations related to drilling plan by considering both surface and subsurface aspects.

We can also prepare and arrange all the drilling campaign needs that will be carried out, including:

  • Well Targeting

Recommendation of targets will be provided by considering temperature, permeability and fluid characteristics. Topographical and road access condition are also included in the considerations.

  • Well Design

The most implementative drilling design, including well trajectory, casing point selection, wellhead design, casing design, and cementing design become our concern. It should also be conducted to meet the best target, safety and budget.

  • Drilling Engineering

The program also covers well design, engineering program, procedure of execution and risk assessment as well as budgeting. The result can be provided in form of commercial drilling proposal

  • Drilling Operation and Optimization

Monitoring project execution from pre-spud meeting through drilling result evaluation. It also covers to control daily morning meetings (operation and geology) and daily activity reports.

  • Drilling Project Management

Defining objectives, detailed engineering, drilling program through evaluation are several lists of project management. They are also completed with selecting the best strategy in tender and contracting as well as managing drilling organization.

The correlation of drilling results and base geoscientific data can also be evaluated in order to improve the conceptual model and provide valuable recommendations for further development drilling strategy.